Hi There!

My name is Allison Goldhammer and I am an experienced Carpenter, Electrician, Stage Manager, Stagehand and Craftsman. Originally from California, I grew up surrounded by art, theatre, entertainment and culture. As a result, I developed a deep love for the arts. Throughout my life I have studied theatre, art, production, technology, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, and business management, both at the university level, and with respected working professionals. I moved to New York to pursue my professional career on the East Coast to be immersed in the heart of live entertainment. I am extremely dedicated to my work as it is my greatest and most true passion. My quick ability to learn and take direction has been especially helpful throughout my journey, as well as my eagerness to expand my skills and drive to pursue my goals. With many years of experience in live theatre, as both a production/crew member and/or a performer, I am confident and at ease in high pressure and fast paced environments. I thrive when connecting all the moving pieces that complete a show. Throughout my time in the industry I have proven that hard work, communication, intuition, and raw talent will get you to where you want to be!